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Google Home Mini Review

This year, one of the top items on my list was the Google Home Mini. I ended up getting one for Christmas!! 😀

So, in short, this is a great device. It gives more detailed information about queries, and it also reigns supreme if you just want to have a conversation with it. It is currently on sale for $29, available in black, grey, and coral.

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New blog coming soon?

I would like to start another website where I post timelapses of my art from Sandbox. Do you think this is a good idea, or should I stick with this site for now? 

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This is not a drill.


Earlier today, the FCC voted to completely get rid of net neutrality. This means that, in at least a few months, the internet will not be like it is now. Soon, your ISPs (Internet Service Providers, like Verizon and AT&T) will be able to block certain sites, drastically slow everything down, and just cause havoc.

Thankfully, though, all is not lost (yet). If we can overload Congress with calls and letters asking them to overturn the FCC’s vote, they might just do it. I’ve already sent in a letter, and you can too. Just go to this website.



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Follow this blog!

If you are a frequent hiker and need ideas on proper backpacking, there is a blog that can help with that! The name is TreeLineBackpacker. I highly recommend it, as it has content suited for travellers everywhere. Do it now! 🙂

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – One Month Later

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably one of the best phones on the market today. It has efficient battery life, a lightning-fast processor, and the highly adored Infinity Display, which the iPhone will be getting in November with the iPhone X. The Galaxy Note 8 will also have this display, and possibly more phones to come.

In conclusion, it works really well and I think you should try it! 😊

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Amazon Echo Dot Review, Pros & Cons

As the title suggests, I’ll be discussing the Amazon Echo Dot, by giving a review, and a chart that displays the good and the bad. 

Basically, it’s a tiny household speaker that helps with everyday tasks. It’s a smaller version of the regular Echo, which is way taller. However, I was given this one because it’s the 2nd generation, which means it’s better and newer. 

I highly recommend this product. It’s very helpful and has a great sense of humor, too. 😊 Now then, for the pros and cons!!


  • Easy to use
  • No stress about battery life-it just plugs in
  • Very assistive
  • Simple setup
  • Companion app is available–you can control your Dot and change settings
  • Great sense of humor


  • Doesn’t understand conversational commands (e.g. How have you been)
  • Bluetooth; every time I turn on my portable speaker to listen to music through my phone, the Dot connects instead and gets in the way. 

If this post doesn’t help you in any way, visit this website: Echo

Or, if you have any questions, simply comment on this post.